QuickBooks Improvement Analysis Package

Would you like a clear roadmap on how to improve your financial data you’re tracking in QUICKBOOKS?

Want to be better prepared for that annual dreaded tax return and have more confidence in your numbers to make business decisions throughout the year?

If so, then please let us provide you a thorough review of your QuickBooks data. You’ll get ideas on where there might be issues or areas of improvement in your data and or processes used for maintaining it. For example:

  • Issues in the tracking of your accounts receives/payables
  • Missing information that impact the usability of your data for tax return preparation
  • Incorrect coding of transactions which skew your financial statements

Start fast-tracking your way to being better prepared for the 2015 tax return and having better financial information for making your business decisions.

We will provide you a ‘100 Point Review’ of your QuickBooks data file for the low cost of $100 and provide you a list of any issues we identify. If you decide to have us work to make the improvements, we will apply that $100 to your service fee for completing that work.

Please email us at service@summitbusinesssolutions.com or call 816-668-8124 to get started with improving your financial data today!